NEW First Canadian Securities® Québec Super Flow-Through LP PIV102 (Class A Units) & PIV103 (Class F Units), 117 % to 126 % equivalent Tax Deduction in 2019

We have launched our new series of Québec super flow-through limited partnership units (on FundSERV, PIV102 for Class A Units and PIV103 for Class F Units) for 2019 (details below), and have quickly surpassed the minimum offering amount.


Our brand new Québec First Canadian Securities® super flow-through features [see click-throughs at the bottom for Term Sheets, Subscription Agreement, Offering Memorandum, etc]:

  • 117 to 126 % equivalent tax deduction (the highest of any flow-through fund)

  • best interim NAVs from all flow-through LPs from 2018 (contact us for the comparison spreadsheet)

  •  no annual management fee (to our knowledge, we’re the only flow-through fund that currently offers this)

  • investment only in publicly-listed companies  (to our knowledge, we’re the only flow-through fund that currently offers this)

  • senior portfolio manager is Andrew Cook of Palette Investment Management Inc., which has a superior track record managing resource portfolios

  • key involvement by Horst Mueller, legendary senior technical analyst with Mueller Behavioural Analytics Inc. (exclusive to First Canadian Securities®)

  • Watts, Griffis & McOuat (world renowned team of geologists and engineers with expertise in every aspect of the mining industry) provides mining industry advice (exclusive to First Canadian Securities®)

  • early tax-deferred rollover scheduled for June 28, 2020, but could occur as early as April 30, 2020

  • custodian is CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company, and registrar, transfer agent and valuation agent is SGGG Fund Services Inc.

  • 5.75 % selling concession on Class A Units (IIROC, EMD and MFDA); additional 0.25 % override to any registered advisor who sends at least $500,000 in aggregate orders

  • fantastic benefits to donating First Canadian Securities® to investors’ favourite charities: after-tax cost of donation is almost free after-tax, i.e., it costs pennies to donate (versus a cost of 50 cents on the dollar or more after-tax to donate cash).

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P.S.: First Canadian Securities® is pro-eligible, meaning advisors can also purchase Units